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Let's Do Words - Creative Writing for Wellbeing and Resilience

'Let's Do Words' Creative Writing for Wellbeing and Resilience -

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Creative Writing for Wellbeing allows you to explore your feelings, the environment, your imaginative ideas, and just about anything, without the pressure of spelling, grammar, or inspiration holding you back. 

The only thing in the way of your creative limits is yourself. Bethan will set attainable and fun writing exercises to encourage you to write about whatever is on your mind in that present moment.

Everything is down to choice; how deep you explore, how much you share with others and how you interpret the exercises Bethan sets. 

There will always be safety guidelines in place which are shared at the beginning of each session with flexibility as to what these could be.

Sessions can be booked in half an hour increments starting at one hour - participants will be encouraged to bring their own writing equipment, but spares will be provided. Any additional materials will be supplied by Bethan, herself or requested before session if required

Themes/preferences can be given to Bethan before any session if preferred; however, she has plenty of materials to set up a variety of classes for a variety of ages and abilities. 

If a topic or audience is/are from a background that would require additional supervision, it would be up to the organiser to arrange this. (for example, a qualified therapist for extremely sensitive topics). 

Please message for more information and a current price list/quote. 

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"A new and original way for those that have 'lost track' to get back on the rails.” Adrian

"Though I've been 'writing adjacent' my whole life this is the first creative writing workshop I've done. It was therapeutic and rather wonderful. Bethan does a brilliant job of holding the session so you feel safe to be vulnerable and creative." Caroline

"Bethan’s class was very engaging and interesting, even as a complete beginner like myself. She is clearly very passionate and it shows." Nick

“As a copywriter, I spend most days writing to tight deadlines for other people. Let's do words gave me a great opportunity to write for myself and focus on my own wellbeing for a few hours a week.” Jonathan

“I was skeptical at first about the efficacy of the idea of creative writing for therapeutic purposes, and then Bethan ran me through a few exercises that I found deeply effective. I saw myself from a different angle, and it was amazing to be able to use my creative abilities for something so introspective and have it work so well.
She's incredibly good at putting you at ease with what you're working on, so although it sometimes gets a little deep and real, I always felt safe, which gave me the confidence to dive deeper into the discoveries I was able to make about myself. 
I came out of the experience feeling comfortable and self assured, and would recommend it to anybody else to at least try once.” Zayne 

“Initially I was skeptical that a class like this would be for me, but Bethan was incredible at involving everyone, and her passion was clear from the start. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would absolutely return.”  Anon 

“Bethan is an experienced and skilful facilitator and I have enjoyed attending her workshops.”     Victoria 


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